Aaron Pinkston-EL

Aaron Pinkston-EL is a Neighborhood Outreach Worker for UAct’s Smart Neighborhood Campaign in Springfield, Illinois. Aaron is also an active member of REAP. He serves as the lead member for its beautification efforts and is a member of UAct’s new Quality Housing Coalition. Over the last five years, Aaron has been notably engaged in various community projects. In 2014, Aaron Pinkston-EL volunteered for the Springfield Urban League’s anti-violence program Cease Fire. In 2015, he worked as Community Health Worker for the Springfield Community Federation where his tasks included assisting the homeless obtain identification and connect with a primary care physician.  He also provided them with transportation to medical appointments and general social service needs. Aaron Pinkston-El is an advocate for the Springfield Police Department’s Focused Deterrence program which is designed to reduce gun violence in the community. In 2018 Aaron was honored by the Faith Coalition for the Common Good for his work as chairman of their Restorative Justice Task Force.