Community Building

The unprecedented challenges of 2020 meant UAct had to think creatively and find new ways to safely work in our community. By working with a diverse group of  partners we were able to focus on the immediate needs of our neighbors during a global pandemic while taking precautions to keep everyone safe.


Joined with Leslie Sgro to purchase a forklift for St Martin Deporres to assist them with unloading food boxes onsite from the Food Bank creating efficiencies and saving many staff and volunteer’s backs from overexertion.

Heat & Serve Dinners Holiday Distribution

Supported and participated in a Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner distribution complete heat & serve Thanksgiving Day Meals for 50 families in partnership with Ald. Shawn Gregory and Magro’s Meat & Produce.  We replicated the successful distribution for Christmas with a complete lasagna meal plus stockings stuffed with goodies and COVID prevention materials.

Covid-19 Education

Received $5000 from the Community Foundation For the Land of Lincoln Relief Fund for neighborhood outreach around COVID safety.  UAct distributed over 1500 flyers developed by SIU & Dr. Wendi El-Amin and printed in-kind for us by Memorial Medical Center. Outreach Workers spoke with neighbors across East Springfield and participated in neighborhood food giveaways and other neighborhood programs.

Vote by Mail Campaign

Produced a series of three short videos shared via social media that educated viewers on the vote by mail process in Springfield and important deadlines for voters. Additionally, a generous donation from Jane Ford allowed Outreach Workers to distribute flyers about voting by mail to a targeted area that has had traditionally low vote turnout.