White Economic Privilege Is Alive and Well

Is the white working class losing economic ground because of policies intended to improve the lives of black people? Anxiety and resentment among some white voters about those policies certainly seemed to benefit Donald Trump’s campaign last year, with its... More

Know Your Community to Improve Population Health

Conversations around the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and its effect on hospitals have often covered readmissions and health insurance exchanges. Another outcome for hospitals and patients, however, has been the effect the law has had on population health. Many institutions... More

10 Reasons to Build Community Through Urban Design

We build cities that bring us together or push us apart. “Gated communities” are an obvious example of building to isolate, but other methods are also common. Streets that are too wide, with fast moving traffic, divide us. So do... More

The Future of Housing

A recent report by AARP Foundation and the Harvard Joint Center of Housing Studies found that nearly 20 million older adults live in unaffordable and unsafe housing. Twenty million households are paying over 30 percent of their income on housing,... More

Can Social Impact Bonds Help Reduce Homelessness?

On any given night in Santa Clara County, Calif., more than 6,000 people are homeless. Annually, that’s costing the county more than $500 million. To Dave Cortese, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, such a high cost... More

What a Small Business in Detroit Can Do With $10,000

Adrienne Bennett is America’s first African-American woman who is a licensed master plumber. Born in Chicago, her family moved to Detroit when she was nine. When she decided to start her own plumbing and mechanical contracting business in 2007, her... More

Smart Growth Advances Nationally

“We are witnessing in essence the genesis of a set of rich, diverse and varied coalitions — each member bringing to the whole their own unique interests and views.” -Bruce Katz, Director of the Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy... More

2015 TIGER Grant Standouts for Cities Go to BRT, Bike Trails and More

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced the seventh batch of TIGER (Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery) awards last week. As in previous years, the competition for these grants was intense: 627 applications for a total of $10.1 billion in funding... More

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