5 ways social entrepreneurs are trying to cut food waste

Drought and heat waves are decimating crops around the world in countries like Afghanistan and South Sudan, driving rising hunger crises. The problem of hunger may only get worse as the global population reaches almost 10 billion people by 2050, making it more... More

Eyecatching 3D Crosswalk slows Motorists

The use of illusion in art is nothing new, but a small town in Iceland is using the effect to help with public safety and traffic issues. In the small fishing village of Ísafjörður, a 3D pedestrian crossing was painted last month... More

Transforming Alleys Into Communal Spaces

Hidden alleys and unique spaces are the perfect locations to launch a revolution. In this call to arms filled with personal case studies, Simone Wai asks listeners to reconsider small, unique spaces in a community as the launch pad for... More

Water Smart Green Infrastructure: The Private Sector Steps Up

Catastrophic floods. Withering droughts. Combined sewer overflows. As the planet warms, communities are coping with a range of ever-more-severe water challenges. Green infrastructure is part of the solution: many local governments are deploying natural features to manage water, while creating... More

Can Small Cities be Carbon Neutral?

Solar energy for private homes is becoming more affordable

Menlo Park has used updated zoning laws to encourage new developments to use renewable energy sources and incentivize the creation of sustainable affordable housing. (read full article) More

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