The Future of Housing

A recent report by AARP Foundation and the Harvard Joint Center of Housing Studies found that nearly 20 million older adults live in unaffordable and unsafe housing. Twenty million households are paying over 30 percent of their income on housing,... More

10 Trends Impacting Downtown Revitalization

Eau Claire is a mid-sized Wisconsin community with a city population of 70,000 and a metro area population of 150,000. Downtown Eau Claire has become a vibrant place in the last several years. Thanks to the efforts of local business... More

Oaklanders Reclaim Public Space at Design Fair

In the days leading up to Super Bowl 50, hundreds of thousands of people visited “Super Bowl City” in San Francisco, a temporary amusement park filled with concerts, exhibits and even enormous virtual reality games. Across the bay in Oakland,... More

How Des Moines, Iowa Got Cool

“In the end it wasn’t so much about the money, it was about prompting people to think up ideas and to work together to get them done,” Gartner says. Simultaneously, Principal, the insurance company, was taking the lead on a $70... More

Small Scale Development

  “People always say, ‘well Monte you have vision,’” says Monte Anderson, a 57-year-old small-scale developer in the Greater Dallas region. “There is no vision. I have one thing: I have desperation. Out of desperation, just to have a coffee... More

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