Recovering the Lost Art of Mixed-Use Development

The most successful and resilient development patterns include a mix of land “uses”—in other words, it allows residential units, offices, retail, restaurants, and the like to exist in close proximity to each other. More

Why the American Dream is more attainable in some cities than others

It pays to have friends in high places. That’s no secret. But a pair of groundbreaking studies published today in the peer-reviewed journal Nature substantiates this in a profound way, showing that cultivating these kinds of relationships is crucial for upward mobility... More

Demolition of old Pillsbury Mills site begins

The remaining buildings at the old Pillsbury Mills site are set to be demolished. Chris Richmond, the president of Moving Pillsbury Forward, the organization that acquired the site, said they’ll start by tearing down the first 50,000 square feet of... More

Big plans for county health department

Clients seeking medical care, employment training and rental and utility assistance will find more of these services in one place after a planned $5 million expansion and renovation at the Sangamon County Department of Public Health. More

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